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Computing, Internet and Freeware

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FeedPing - Ping Your Site and Feeds

Alternatives - Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and more

Ixquick - Private, Secure Search Engine

Top Ten Reviews - Software, Music, Movies, etc.

DriverGuide - Drivers, firmware, support documents, software

NirSoft - Freeware system, desktop utilities and password recovery

File Extensions

Video Help - Make your own VideoCDs, SVCDs or DVDs

After Dawn - Audio and Video Help

Download 300 - Includes Audio and Video

Eudora Free or Fee Emailer

Mozilla "Thunderbird" - "Reclaim your inbox"

Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer

Hoax Slayer - Internet Scams, e-mail Hoaxes

Truth or Fiction Hoax Site

Truth or Fiction Hoax Site

CIAC Hoax Busters

Another Hoax Reference

Yet Another Hoax Reference

IC3 - Internet Crime Complain Center - US Gov.

Gullibility Virus - Extremely Dangerous!!!

Symantec Anti-Virus Research Centre - Includes hoax section

Hoaxkill service: Get rid of hoaxes now!

US Dept./Energy CIAC Hoax Listing and Tools

Museum of Hoaxes

CIAC Internet Chain Letters

Internet Scambusters

Compuer Virus Myths

Free e-books

More E-books

Official alt.binaries.e-book FAQ

Major Geeks - Files, forums, assistance for computers

JavaScript Source - Free scripts, tutorials, resource

Cliprex Video Software

Free Translation Service - Preserving Online Privacy

Tor Anonymity - Online Privacy and Security

NS Lookup by Zone Edit

NS Lookup by Verbacom

Net Lingo Computer Language Dictionary

Avatarity - Avatars (images) for Messengers, Web Pages, etc.

Annoyances - Solutions for Windows Users

ZoneLabs - Great Firewall free or purchase

TechTutorials - Free computer, application, programming tutorials

Tera News NNTP News Server

Smiley Dictionary - Emoticons

Webring - Groups of Webrings, organised by topic

RAM Booster - Free and effective

IPing Custom Reminders

AVG Free Anti-Virus - Hey, I use it myself!

Internet Newsgroup FAQ Archives

alt.binaries.ebook FAQ

Dave's Usenet Abuse FAQ

Hotsheet - Utilites, software, etc.

Trouble Shooters Inc Free Tech Support

PC Show and Tell Online Software Help

The Elder Geek - Windows XP Help

PC 9-1-1 Computer Help in Plain English

5 Star Free PC Support

Puter School Cards and Computer Questions

Counter-exploitation: Spyware, Trojans, etc.

Anonymous E-mail

Stay Invisible - Proxy Servers

Ultimate Anonymity

SpamCop - File a spam report

Figuring out fake E-Mail and Posts

Calendarz - Web Calendar, Datebook

Group Web - Calendar, Datebook, e-mail, directory, more

Fone Finder - Geographic Location of Telephone Numbers

The Ultimates: Search for telephone, e-mail, more

411 Locate - Telephone, Address, Public Records, more

Infospace - Various Searches

BigYellow - Yellow Pages and More

Liszt, the Mailing List Directory

Surf Madison - Library

eGroups - Create a mailing list to keep in touch, share info, photos, more

Internet Trash, the 'be yourself' Internet Community!

All-in-one Search Engines

Go2Net Portal and Search Engines

Compuer Info and Fun Stuff - Good Free Stuff, including Unstoppable Disc Copier

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

KompoZer Free Web Authoring Tool - Open Source

Scribus Professional Page Layout - Open Source

Stickies - Free Small Notes On-Screen

AxCrypt Encryption - Files, Self-Extracting, more

KeePass Open Source Password Safe

Free Open Source On-the-Fly Encryption

Free Encryption

Eraser - Free File Shredder and Drive Eraser - Free Image and Photo Editing Software

GIMP - Open Source Image Manipulation Program Replacement for Photoshop

MediaCoder - Free, Convert Audio and Video, Trancoder

DVDflick - Free, Open Source, Burn Almost Any Video Format to DVD

FFmpeg - Audio and Video Converter, Free

Pidgin - Free Instant Messenger, incl. Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Jabber, more

Lifehacker - Tech Tips, Tricks, Downloads

Mikogo - Free Online Screen Sharing / Meeting Tool

Miro - Free Open Source Internet and TV Video Player

Portable Apps

Fight Spam on the Internet

Net Lingo Computer Language Dictionary

Webarrow Chat Director

AOL Buddy Icons

Infospace - Find People and Addresses

Internet Address Finder - White Pages Service

WhoWhere - Find a person, e-mail address

World Email Directory - Find people, businesses and organisations

Yahoo People Finder

123 Free Stuff

Hsin Lin Freeware

Harmony Hollow Freeware and Shareware


Free 2 Try

Free Fever

The Freeshop

Pricelessware Freeware - Utilities, Games

DirFile - Huge Freeware Resource

Nonags - Freeware Resource, tested for spyware and viruses

Freeware Files

The Free Site free stuff, samples

Freeware Web

WinFilest Shareware, Drivers, Tips

Freebie Directory

Free Stuff Central

The Vault

Mr. FreeFree

Freeware Plus

Freehound Freeware

Free Screen Savers

Stroud's Freeware and Shareware

Tucows Network

Slaughterhouse Freeware and Shareware

Palm Computing
PDA Buzz

PDA Today

Palm Loyal

1src - The One Source for all things Palm-powered related

Palm Focus

PalmInfocenter - Latest Palm OS News and Reviews

Handheld News

Computing Unplugged Magazine (incorporating Palm Power)

Backup Man at low-cost backup shareware

Card Backup - low-cost backup shareware

PDAs for the medical community

U of VA ebooks list - Free eBooks for your PDA

Memoware - Free eBooks for your PDA, MANY formats

alt.binaries.e-book FAQ - Lots of fascinating information on e-books!

PDA Books - Mostly Palm Doc format

Tome Raider - Excellent new format, thousands of books already

Plucker - Free Offline ebook and HTML reader

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

.:: chuggnutt ::. Free Palm Reader eBooks

Free e-books - Palm handheld software, news and reviews

David Bray's Freeware and Software Development Help

Tracker Dog's Top 100 Palm Software List

PalmOne Community

PalmOne Community - Tungsten E

Brighthand Tungsten E forum

Palmsource software

PDA Street

Palm Forum

Pocket Directory - Products for the PDA Community

PDA Parts and Repair (not much Tungsten E yet)

Palm Webring

Tucows Palm Software

Freeware for Palm

Bible Plus - Free Bible Reader

Free Palm Games

PalmOne Tungsten E Support

Palm FAQs and FAQ Lists

Certain Palm Devices Power Problems in January

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