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Dictionaries and Reference

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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Web of Online Dictionaries

One Look Dictionaries

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

Fact Monster - Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Much More

Online Dictionary

Online Dictionaries

Urban Dictionary - Define Your Word (Mostly Slang)

Macquarie Dictionary

Common Errors in English Usage

Internet Public Library

General Reference Sources

Online Metric Converter

Wise Old Sayings — Quotes and Proverbs

WAFF Weather Calculator

AskMe - ask real people for answers to just about anything

PedagoNet - Learning Material Resources and Search

Mom's Frugal

Awsome Library K-12 Resources

Knowledge Hound, the 'How to' Hunter

Straight Dope - Variety of information

Research One Stop Reference

Research Paper - Assistance for school-related research papers

Info Please

*** ...for Dummies***

Specific Reference Sources

Citizen Corps - Opportunities to support community safety

Logical Fallacies

Intelligent Design Network - Seeking Institutional Objectivity in Origins Science

Corporate Information - What you need to know

Area Code Decoder

Addict Sites - What's you're topic?

Fascinating look at Amish technology

Gun Laws - Carrying Concealed Weapons

Prophet Of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma In Muhammad's Own Words

USS George Washington

The Conservative Guy - Issues and Elections

Walter E. Williams

Ask Men - News, Info, Portal

National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information

Earth Times Online News, Environment, Politics, Society

Federal Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO

PhysLink: Physics and Science References

Science Made Simple

Notes on Repair of Small Household Appliances

Choose Books - Buy and Sell, Search

Hyper History - 2,000 files covering 3,000 years

Agam's Gecko Weblog

Wildlife Conservation Society

Snopes Urban Legends

alt.folklore.urban and Urban Legends Archive


Consumer Sentinel - Int'l Fraud Fighter

By Design or by Chance - Debate on Origins

National Consumer League

Consumer Review - Electronics and Sporting Goods

Consumer World - Features and Reviews

Identity Theft


Asia Recipes

Food TV

National Food Safety Database

Another Resource on Food and Food Safety

Comprehensive Baseball Links

Brother Bob's Do-It-Yourself Home and Auto Repair

United States Taekwando Union

The Phobia List

Tornado Project Instruction and References

National Register of Historic Places

Henry Hudson - Life and Voyages

The Constants and Equations Pages

Discovery Networks - Activist Media and Network

The Phoneman - Wiring, Troubleshooting, etc.

Bibliofind Used and Rare Books

World Wide Words

Acronym Finder

Word Detective - Word Origins

University of Maine Pest Management

Oinkernet - Guinea Pigs

AMVA Care for Pets

Pet's Health

Peter Gurney's Guinea Pig Pages

Skunk FAQ

Career Jet

Job Forge

America's Job Bank


Career Builder


Jobs Hero

Hudson Valley Help Wanted

All About Tea at - CCW Laws

rec.guns FAQ

Virtual Library: Museums in the USA

How Stuff Works

Inflation Calculator - How much did it cost back then?

Small Business Administration

US Copyright Office

Museum of Science (Boston)

Cliché Finder

Jennifer's Language Page - Phrases

List of Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies

Art Crimes - Graffiti on the wall

Quoteland - Find quotes about anything, identify quotes by anyone

Lives: The Biography Resource

Dead or Alive? Is that famous person...

Great Buildings - Architecture and History

Copyright Basics

A Rant About Usenet

Tolstoy Foundation - Assistance to refugess and forgotten people

Manual of US Traffic Signs

National Inst. Diabetes, Digestive, Kidney Diseases

The Letter - We Print, Stamp and Mail

Michigan Tenant Information (links to other states)

FindLaw - for Lawyers, Students, Public, Business Antiques and Collectibles

EarthStation1 Sound Picture Archive

America's 9-11

WANTED: Bin Laden

Frugal Family Network - Living Within Your Means

Dollar Stretcher - Better Living...For Less

Work at Home Success

Spend for All You're Worth!

Armchair Millionaire 5 Steps to Financial Freedom

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