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Hacking, Pranks and Revenge
Obviously, for entertainment and information only.

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The Avenger's Front Page

Revenge Lady

Revenge Unlimited

Revenge & Pyrotechnic Books

Lock Picking 101

The Payback

TPCN - Great Quotes To Inspire And Motivate Your Revenge

Anarchist's Cookbook

People Who Care

The GFY Home Page Insult URL

You Are an Idiot Insult URL - Thanks Yasher

PayBak Sarcastic Greeting Cards

YPL Insensitivity Cards

Tell-Em-Off Insult Cards

Insult Monger Insults, Jokes, etc.

Insult Others

Main Strike - Revenge Section

Pinstruck Digital Voodo Curses


RJL Entertainment Software

Lizardworks Pranks

Paul Quattro's Prank Pit

Asta La Vista Hacking and Cracks

Crackz Planet

Toy Server -

e-prank Jokes and Novelties

The Spy Store

Paladin Press

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Michael "Miserable Failure" Moore