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Christian Resources

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Theopedia - Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity

Creation Evangelism Tools

Ten resources to help you defend the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection

Ways to Share Your Faith with Others

Virtual Religion Index - Rutgers University

Prophet Of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words

Walid Shoebat - Former PLO Terrorist Speaks Out for Israel and USA

Mormonism Research Ministry

BBC Religion and Ethics

GotQuestions - Bible Questions Answered

Striving for Eternity Ministries

4Truth - Practical information for engaging in intelligent discussion of faith and worldviews

Beliefnet - 4,200 religions, etc.

Islam, Making a True Difference in the World One Body at a Time

Inner Secrets of Scientology

Christian Apologetics (Why You Can Believe the Bible)

Gospel Communications Network - Online Christian Resources - Extensive Christian Resources

In the Beginning - Bible studies springboard, more technical than usually encountered

OneNewsNow - News from a Biblical Perspective

Christian Apologetics & Intelligence Ministry

Ten-Four Ministries - Practical and Spiritual Support to the Law Enforcement Community

Worthy Toons - Christian Cartoons

Christian and Family Cartoons

Christ's Internet - News, Links, Radio Stations, Resources

Youth Apologetics Training — Podcasts at Sermon Audio

Christian Web News

OnePlace - Free Online Christian Radio, Ministries, Music, Bible

My CCM - Christian Music and Community

Lightsource - Christian Video Broadcasts and Ministry Television Online

Christian Videos

Godbeat TV - Videos

Christian Radio Online and Links to Stations - 24-hour Internet Radio Stations

Power to Change - Christian Portal

Cyberspace Ministry - Christian Portal

Crossmap - Christian Search and Portal

Cross Daily - Christian links, chat, portal

Men Today - Christian Portal for Men

Women Today - Christian Portal for Women

Heartlight - Daily Devotionals, Art, Articles, More

Religious Freedom Coalition - William J. Murray

Coral Ridge Ministries (Dr. D. James Kennedy)

Rapture Ready - Rapture Resources for the End Times

ABN - Non-Denominational, Presenting the Gospel to Arab-Speaking People

Crosscards - Christian Inspiration for All Occasions

Campus Crusade for Christ International - Helping Build Spiritual Movements Everywhere

Transferable Concept - Basic truths that Jesus and his disciples taught

Ten Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity

Living Waters

Voice of the Martyrs - Global Perspective on Christian Persecution

The Way of the Master - Evangelism

Fish with Trish - Evangelism

iChristian Life - Evangelism and Bible Teaching

Fish the Net - Evangelism Resources, More

I Am Not Ashamed - Take Your Stand

Stone Tablets Ministries - Evangelism

Eternal Productions

Museum of Idolatry - Artifacts of Apostasy

Free Christian Clip Art

Sermon Search - Free Sermon Outlines, Illustrations, Backgrounds

Sermon Audio

Bible Gateway - Searchable online Bible, over 35 languages, 50 versions

Online Bible Study Tools - Search Gateway to Resources

Bible Server - Read the Bible in Different Languages and Versions

Blue Letter Bible - Search and Resources

Christ Notes - Bible Search and Commentary

Unbound Bible - Read the Bible in Different Languages and Versions, and Parallel

Bible Browser - Read Bible Versions, See Commentaries and More - Read Bible Versions, Search

RefTagger - Great way to highlight Bible references on your site!

LOLcat Bible - Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat and the struggle in "LOLspeak"

The Brick Testament - The Bible with Lego People

Evangelism Training For All Experience Levels

Western Tract Mission - Bible Lit, Courses for All

Tracts - Cyber, Audio, Video, Chat

Live Tracts - Cyber, Audio, Video

Free CD and DVD Tracts - Download, burn, give away

Praize - All-in-one Christian Community

Community4Christ - Christian Chat and Community

Christian Mingler - Free Christian Wallpapers, Backgrounds and Graphics

National Bible Association

In Touch (Charles Stanley)

Bible Study Tools

Open Arms Free Online Bible Counseling

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